I’m so excited – I LOVE opening a new page in my personal Book of Life!

This is my first blog in my new, updated digital home. WELCOME and thank you so much for being here.

Do you believe that when retired, or of course nearing retirement, we’re at that stage in life when we could really do with an update?

Well, this is mine – I decided to re-skill and learn how to keep up with today’s fast developing digital age. Now I have a new image, personal logo and a website!

Do you agree that we often arrive at yet more crossroads and truly can’t decide which path to take? Life happens and often the necessary adjustments can affect us much more than we imagine.

In my case, following the financial changes starting in 2008 it was necessary to downsize our home and “tighten the belt” so to speak.


Difficult decisions had to be made.

Of course, I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

You’re probably fed up of the saying “think outside the box”, but taking the initiative to try something different can help us to wake up! Wouldn’t it be better not to become trapped in the mainstream acceptance of the “norm”. We can look at our options and decide to take action by doing something far more interesting.

The Book of Life can be taken quite literally and you can physically open a brand new page to start writing a list of great ideas that you can actually relate to.

Wouldn’t you like to create alternative ways to spend time and enjoy activity in both work and play, resulting in much more fun both now and in the future?


We can consider something that appeals to our own sensibility, such as a new project, interest or idea…

Do you have a particular pastime that you’ve been looking forward to spending more time on one day? Perhaps you’re waiting for the possibility to travel, learn a new language, or maybe play tennis, golf or join the bridge club?

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy lots of hobbies, but personally it feels even more amazing to start a new skill and experience growth and progress in my later life!

Last year I decided that I wanted something more to keep the old brain activated! Whilst searching Facebook for inspiration, through sheer curiosity I clicked on a Facebook link…

Realising that nowadays we can always change our minds and unsubscribe any unwanted intrusion on our online privacy, I gladly exchanged my first name and e-mail address for the educational videos. I discovered valuable information all about how to update my life by simply learning how to understand and take real step by step progress in order to learn modern computer skills.

I’m loving this new journey and my new updated website is a perfect example of where Claudio and I’s retirement plans are leading.

I’m passionately involved in taking these educational steps to continue improving my “online presence” and connect with people, so that I can help them understand that there are more options than just accepting our “lot” when we retire.

This is it!

I’m talking about my own online business venture… I’ve fallen head over heels with my serious new life project and company community of online friends!

So, is it time to plan a new page in YOUR Book of Life?

Do you want to update yourself, truly grow as a person and realise that by progressing in your life you can truly help yourself and others and achieve a far better quality of life?

If this isn’t your “cup of tea” no problem, but I do thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit, but…  if you have that gut feeling, like I did, that this could be just what you are looking for, please comment below with any questions or get in touch on my social media – I’d love to help you on your present or future retirement journey…